Research Request Application

The Foundation for Community Association Research is a national, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization devoted to common interest community research, development, and scholarship.

The Foundation provides authoritative research and analysis on community association trends, issues and operations. The Foundation's mission is to inspire successful and sustainable communities.

The research conducted by or on behalf of the Foundation focuses on enhancing the communities in which we live and work. It is the goal of the Foundation's research and studies to assist community association volunteer leaders and professional managers make more focused and effective decisions, whether it is for planning purposes or implementing new policies.

The research conducted by or on behalf of the Foundation may be utilized by community managers, board members, homeowners, legislators, public officials, lobbyists and others.

The application for your proposed research project(s) is to be filled out completely by the applicant. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

The Foundation does not have ample assets to fund all requests. Consideration is given to projects that are national in scope and which will benefit a wide range of users. Requests for regional research will be evaluated taking into account the viability of potential funders.

Once a request is received it is reviewed by the Research Project Request Committee. Fully completed applications are reviewed within two weeks of receipt and a recommendation is made to the Research Committee.

It is the goal of the Research Committee to review the recommendations of the Research Project Request Committee within 30 days. If the project is approved by the Research Committee it is then forwarded on to the Board of Directors who will make a final determination regarding the application within 30 days.

The entire review process will take approximately 60-75 days, after which you will be advised of the decision of the Foundation. However, incomplete applications will not be processed but the applicant will be advised of the areas of deficiency in the event they wish to resubmit an application.

Please forward your completed application to foundation . Thank you for submitting your request.

Right-click on the link below to save the .pdf to your hard drive. Once you complete it, save it, then email it as an attachment.

Research Request Application (.pdf)

Research Request Timeline (.pdf)